Uncle Jesse: Mary-Kate and Ashley Aren't on Fuller House Because They're Not Actresses

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You definitely care: The Olsen twins are absent from the cast of Netflix’s decades-late Full House sequel Fuller House. The reason? They’re not actresses, according to Uncle Jesse.


When Fuller House was announced, Mary-Kate and Ashley were reportedly kind of flabbergasted, and claimed that no one had told them about it. Mary Kate even said she was “shocked” that Stamos never reached out.

Turns out, it was all a mix-up. John Stamos explained the missing Michelle Tanner storyline in an interview with Howard Stern this week. “They said first I didn’t ask them. And I didn’t personally, but I was told they were asked,” says Stamos. “So I had a knee-jerk reaction and said, ‘Bullshit, I did ask them.’ And they got upset.”

Stamos says he then personally contacted Mary-Kate, who told him thaaaanks buuuuuttt they wouldn’t have done it anyway:

“I did call and talked to Mary-Kate and explained what the show is going to be and told them I’d love for them to be on there, and they decided not to, which I respect... They were very, very sweet. They seemed very into it. They just were afraid of acting. They don’t consider themselves actresses. I said maybe you guys will just be in New York and we’ll do a phone call or something and they were like, ‘Let us think about it,’ and it just wasn’t for them so…”

“I mean, it’s called Fuller House,” I believe Mary-Kate added, with a half-laugh.

It’s true that the Olsen twins haven’t acted in years; they’re too busy becoming respected fashion designers, and perhaps have forgotten their roots. But we shouldn’t make the same mistake and act like It Takes Two doesn’t exist, or that one episode of Sister Sister.


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