Ulysses Banned Because Of Tiny Cartoon Penis

Illustration for article titled emUlysses/em Banned Because Of Tiny Cartoon Penis

Once again, Joyce's Ulysses has been banned in America: this time by Apple. They're refusing to carry a comic-book version of the classic for iPad because one panel shows stately, plump Buck Mulligan in the buff. [Big Money via BoingBoing]


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It's Ulysses. Buck's dick is the tip of a horrifying iceberg.

That book taught my 17 year old self what snowballing is and that some dudes jerk it while taking a poop. I can't say Apple made the wrong choice.

ETA: I'm totally not in favor of banning books, but if Apple has a policy about explicitness, they weren't wrong to ban Ulysses— the headline here is a little misleading since there's WAY more going on than just a teeny picture of a dick.