Ulta Is Getting Sued for Reselling Used Makeup

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Two Illinois women have filed a lawsuit against Ulta for the company’s alleged habit of repackaging and reselling returned, used makeup, which is definitely how pink eye spreads. But the suit also maintains that the reason for this gross tendency is that the company limits the number of returned items that can be thrown away, prompting managers to just stick them back on the shelf once they’ve hit their quota. Bureaucracy will kill us all, or at least give us herpes.

The complaint cites multiple tweets from former employees who claim that management ordered them to reseal used items and return them to the shelf.


It’s one thing if an item of makeup is already open and you know what you’re getting into, but resealing them is just spooky. Plus, this is the second time in as many months that someone has sued with the same complaint.

Ulta, however, issued a statement denying the practice:

“Our policy does not allow the resale of used products. We are aware of the lawsuit and intend to vigorously defend against the allegations. The health and safety of Ulta Beauty guests is a top priority and we strive to consistently deliver an optimal experience every time they shop with us.”

Mhmm. My question is: How mangled does a product have to be to get it pitched in the trash? My other question is: Why allow makeup to be returned in the first place?

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Makeup should definitely be returnable because sometimes you have an allergic reaction or some other kind of reaction to it. Making people prove that is harder to do, though, and it is easier to just accept returns. But if they accept returns then they shouldn’t be putting it back out on the shelves, or have a limit of how much product they can throw away. That’s just gross.