UK TV Presenter Alison Hammond's Interview with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford Is a Goddamn Delight

Press junket interviews are a special kind of hell, a situation where neither party—the interviewer and the celebrities being interviewed—particularly wants to be there. But somehow, on the rare occasion, there’s a diamond in the rough: See, ITV presenter Alison Hammond’s interview with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford about Blade Runner 2049 for talkshow This Morning.

“Bleak, dystopian, an absolute nightmare to be honest with you,” began Hammond. “...And that’s just my interviewing techniques.”

From there, all three went on to pour themselves a drink and have a rollicking good time, with both Gosling and Ford (probably giddy from jet lag and exhaustion) breaking down into giggles repeatedly as Hammond entertained—and repeatedly burned—them.


We in the U.S. have imported several British acts throughout time: The Beatles, The Office, the Spice Girls, James Corden—some better than others! So maybe Hammond—who, believe it or not, got her big break on Big Brother—would be willing to come do some guest spots on boring American morning TV and liven it up a bit. Ryan Gosling and his highfalutin sweater would probably appreciate it.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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themeaghanshow: season 3

Her laugh is giving me what I need to get through this day.