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Are you a person who deeply despises small talk? Who resents even the nicest, most entertaining hair stylist for intruding on your magazine time? If you happen to live in South Wales, you’re in luck!


Mic reports that Bauhaus, a salon in Cardiff, South Wales, is offering a “quiet chair” that clients can book for an appointment free of chitchat. The salon’s owner told Mic: “Most of our clients love a good chat, especially our regulars, but we knew of people who had been put off having a regular hair stylist because they worried about the expectation of conversation.”

Wow, yes. This is for me. Every time I go to a hair salon I become a silent monster with the attitude and vocabulary of a sullen 14-year-old. “So what kind of stuff do you write about, Ellie?”


“You know, whatever.”

“How was your Thanksgiving?”


“Oh, isn’t Cosmo so crazy?! I read that article!”


Me and my split ends would love for this idea to catch on.

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Can we also get a silent dentist’s chair? I don’t want to talk about the one fact you always remember about me from our bi yearly visits. I don’t want to try to answer your question with your hands in my mouth and drool dripping down my chin. I truly don’t care about your children or my flossing habits or the last movie you saw. And I don’t understand how every gym can put in a thousand TVs and you can’t put in ONE so I can watch something distracting in PEACE until the torture that is your job is over.