Uh, Here's Chloë Grace Moretz Speaking Korean in a Sketch for SNL Korea

1) This is Chloë Grace Moretz on SNL Korea this past weekend. 2) There’s a Korean version of Saturday Night Live. 3) Chloë Grace Moretz speaks Korean in the sketch. 4) I would say Chloë Grace Moretz’s Korean is pretty decent, but I do not speak Korean, so I do not know.

Moretz’s grasp (I guess) of the language actually shouldn’t be that surprising—actors have to learn accents all the time. Also, this isn’t her first time on SNL Korea, even, but last time she spoke in English.

Frankly, I have no idea what’s happening in this sketch, just know the (best? weirdest?) thing about it is Moretz’s facial expressiveness and the commitment to melodrama from all the actors.


Google tells me the video’s YouTube caption (written in Korean) translates to something like: “Chloë learned ardent Korean dramas! Kimchi ssadaegi + Min So Hee transforming ?!”

True... Moretz wrote in an Instagram post that she’s “the very First American on SNL Live and to speak in only Korean!!!” Seems like she really enjoyed the trip (“so much amazing Korean food in front of me face,” she writes...), which gave her a chance to chill with the K-pop band Mamamoo.


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Jammy Dodger

My husband (from Korea) is here to explain. The mother explains to the happy couple (Chloe is in Korean traditional wedding attire) that she’s sorry she and her husband don’t have a lot of money to help them start their lives together. The groom-to-be says no matter, we can start from the bottom (my husband says he describes a living situation similar to a shelter) because all that matters is that they are together and in love. (He then really winced at the guy getting a face full of kimchi.) Chloe then says she will destroy everything and leaves. Parents say this woman is unacceptable. Then she returns with a mole on her face. This is where my husband gets lost until I venture a guess that they are doing a parody of a Korean drama. He says, that makes sense. And he says Chloe’s Korean is pretty good. Now, will someone get me out of the grays? You’re welcome.