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Uber-Smart, "Pint-Sized" Politico Completely Unimpressed By Today Show Anchors

Earlier this morning, Today invited Molly O'Hare - a kid cross between Sarah Vowell and Doris Kearns Goodwin? - to demonstrate her memorization skills and knowledge of American presidential history. She was full of win.

Not only did Molly, 10, acquit herself admirably, she seemed completely, awesomely non-plussed to be in the presence of both the bright studio lights and network cameras and the slightly manic Jenna Wolfe and Amy Robach. And she wore an awesome pilgrim top. Clip at left.


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Gee, where was the Today show when I was rattling off my learnings about the Salem Witch trial? (We have a very funny video of me at age 10 wandering around the cemetary explaining what happened to each person, and a handful of strangers following behind.) Or when I was six detailing the reign of the Tudors, with special emphasis on what happened to each of Henry VIII's wives?

In other words, I was good at memorization, I read a lot, and I would obsessively collect information on something that interested me. I don't think I am or was a genius, though. (Hell, most of the time these days I feel barely competent, but that's another story.) I'm sure she's a smart little girl, but I think of genius more as making connections and transformations or producing new ideas from existing information, not just collecting it.

(I can't watch the video on this computer, so I can't comment on her affect, but the description does sound a little like Asperger's to me, too.)