U.S. Anti-Gay Group Exporting Hatred To The U.K.

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A Kansas fundamentalist Christian group whose slogan is "God hates fags" is planning to protest outside a London elementary school teaching lessons on not being homophobic.


Controversy broke out this month at George Tomlinson primary school when some parents pulled their children out of lessons on homosexual relationships. The school told parents that if they pulled their children from class, the absence would be counted as truanting. Now members of the Westboro Baptist church in Topeka, Kansas say they will picket the school this week. The group's founder, Reverend Fred Phelps, was already barred from entering the U.K. last month when he tried to picket a play about a homophobic killing. A spokesman for the school's council said, "We are supporting teachers and schools in taking positive and innovative steps to develop children's ability to respect people's differences." [The Guardian]

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I live in Laramie Wyoming, where the whole Matthew Shepard incident took place. Good old Fred and his congregants came here, they prostested at the courthouse, they went to Matthew's funeral with their signs. I can't wrap my head around that kind of hate. The ONLY response to him has to be christ-like, mind you, I'm no bible thumper but isn't it a bit moronic to throw hate back at him?? We just strengthen his convictions if we throw hate back at him. I just wish he and his kind would go away. There's enough hate in the world.