Tyra Banks's Video for 'Be A Star 2' Features a Whole Lot of Tyras

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Screenshot: YouTube/Freeform

Consider your life now defined by two distinct periods: before you heard Tyra Banks’s “Be A Star 2” and after.


In preparation for the release of Life-Size 2—the sequel to the 2000 Disney cult classic Life-Size, in which Tyra Banks stars as a living doll—the eccentric supermodel has remixed the movie’s titular track, “Be A Star.” There’s a partnering music video, too.

Motivated by what I can only imagine is a relentless, internal desire to constantly make new shit no matter the quality (who could forget Banks’ teen dystopia series Modelland), “Be A Star 2” is a chopped and screwed trap reboot of the original song. It also boasts of a guest feature by “New Fear’s Eve,” a play on “New Year’s Eve” and her character in the movie, Eve. It’s Tyra featuring Tyra. Double the Tyra. For all your Tyra needs, and then another Tyra. I’m guessing New Fear’s Eve is rapping Tyra, though there’s also a Sprechgesang Tyra, a falsetto-y Tyra and the ever-loyal Autotune Tyra. Lotta Tyra to choose from here.

There are more than a few quotable lyrics from “Be A Star 2,” but I find myself returning to her catchphrase “Perfect is boring” and, of course, “Woke is woke/And love is love.” Song is a song.

Life-Size 2 airs December 2 on Freeform.



She looks like a deranged La Toya Jackson in that top photo. It’s probably the bejeweled cap.