Tyra Banks Will Be Co-Teaching a Stanford MBA Class on Personal Branding

Good morning, students! Photo via Getty Images.
Good morning, students! Photo via Getty Images.

Bright, shining diamond and media personality nonpareil Tyra Banks will be taking her act to Stanford Business School, co-teaching a brief class on “creating and protecting a personal brand.” Let’s hope every one of those MBA students is forced to start every session by yelling “TYRA CLASS.”


There will, however, be no smizing. Other than by Tyra herself, presumably.

The Wall Street Journal explains that Tyra’s guest lecturing stint will be part of a two-week class next May, held with management professor and former Good Morning America producer Allison Kluger.

Some 25 graduate students will receive instruction from Ms. Banks on how to harness all forms of old and new media to showcase their strengths. The former Victoria’s Secret model and chief executive of TYRA Beauty will also deliver tips on handling press exposure as a business leader. The first assignment for the class, “Project You: Building and Extending your Personal Brand, asks students to create a short video introducing both themselves and the vision for a brand, according to the official course description.


She promised that, “If I see somebody not paying attention, I’m gonna call on them.” Look out, Stanford!

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fondue process

co-teaching a brief class

what’s the over/under on Tyra claiming to be a Stanford professor as well a Stanford MBA holder after the class is done?

(remember, she went to Harvard!)