Tyra Banks Is Casting Real People... For a Graphic Novel?

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Tyra Banks has one photo in her hands, and this represents who will be the next America’s Next Top Graphic Novel Character.

After announcing the forthcoming launch of her mysterious Modelland, a sort of amusement park “where the modeling world meets fantasy, meets entertainment, meets technology, meets retail, meets dining,” she has moved on to another venture: a graphic novel. People reports that the graphic novel is based on her 2010 young adult novel about her life, but “different.”

But Banks stresses that “this is not your average graphic novel,” that “this is high-fashion, meets comic illustration.” Case in point: the fact that she’s somehow casting “real people” to be drawn inside its pages. Fans can get cast by posting a full face shot, profile shot, and full body shot on their Instagram with the hashtag “Modelland” as well as requesting which character they want to be cast for. So far those characters include a high school age-looking female who’s at least 5'9" and lanky named “Tookie” and then the younger version of her. More characters to come, Banks tells People, who are all “very diverse.” But for now, it sounds like model material only!

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Slut Panic

In the Wicked and the Divine many of the God characters look like certain celebrities. Baal looks like Drake, Inanna looks like Prince, and Sakhmet looks like Rihanna. I’m watching Carole and Tuesday a show about two girls on Mars trying to make it as musicians and they have a few characters seem like real life famous people. Crystal is basically Beyonce and GGK is FKA Twigs.

I have heard of some animated shows that have had contest to draw a fan as a background character. It’s not that crazy to have some fans draw in background characters.