Tyler Perry Got Tiffany Haddish a Tesla; No Further Questions

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Tyler Perry shares more signature wisdom about friendship and generosity, which is that life is better with a Tesla in it, Tiffany.


Thank you.

Tiffany Haddish posted a video of Perry, who’s currently directing her on the movie Nobody’s Fool, explaining that it’s okay to “spend a little” [$80,000] [on a Tesla] and then holds up a gift box containing two scarab-like objects [keys?] [for a Tesla] and then walks out to reveal a Tesla [a PRESENT] [a Tesla!!!!!!!!!!] parked in the driveway with a giant bow on it. (Haddish famously doesn’t spend money on excessive shit, and when she has to, she’ll get maximum mileage out of it with Febreze; basically she totally deserves this car). The gift Tesla is not that surprising coming from Perry, a one-time used car salesman who now owns a house with a 30-car parking lot, and who has given a van to a church whose van was stolen, a van to a woman with cerebral palsy whose car was stolen, a car for family with child born without kidneys whose car was wrecked, and Bentleys for Oprah and Gayle (one for each), for no reason.

Enlightenment is Cardi B loving life in a head towel.


1) This is a Twitter windfall 2) Meghan Duchess of Sussex is absolutely turning on the British accent 3) because if you have to make small talk all day while sober, then whatever gets you through the bloody day!

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Okay Madge definitely put it on. I hear it with Meghan but I will verify right now after a couple weeks with my English family, shit just starts coming out different. It’s not so much an accent, it’s an inflection. And it’s contagious. I'll cut her a break for now.