Tyga's Cannes Date Demi Rose Is the Victim of Identity Theft

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Tyga’s new bae Demi Rose, who appeared with the rapper at Cannes, has purportedly become the victim of identity theft.

Photos of Rose (full name Demi Rose Mawby) have recently appeared on a number of popular escort sites, accompanied by a fake profile of the model. Rose is accordingly considering legal action.

As TMZ reports:

[Demi Rose] says she’s fallen victim to prostitute identity theft — since her face and bod are all over high-priced escort websites.

Demi’s got quite the Instagram portfolio and ever since she was seen with Tyga in Cannes ... pics from her page have been popping up on sites hawking companionship all over the globe—from the U.S. to Dubai.


Rose also told TMZ others shouldn’t “believe the hype, since she’s never done any sort of escorting and doesn’t want her name associated with it.” [TMZ]

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