Tyga Is Getting Sued for Allegedly Not Paying $70K in Rent

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Tyga’s doing a lot these days—what with all the releasing of seXXXy songs about Kylie Jenner, keeping up with Kylie Jenner, and buying things for Kylie Jenner—but there’s one thing he’s allegedly not doing: Paying rent!

Page Six reports:

In July, a landlord filed a suit against the “Rack City” rapper, 25, claiming he was two months behind on rent.

Tyga, however, says he’s purchasing the California home, which is located in Jenner’s neighborhood, and is filing a countersuit against the landlord claiming he has an agreement to buy the property and even put down a $200,000 down payment in 2014.

No matter what Tyga claims, or how much money he’s already paid out to secure the home, he must obey the judge’s orders.


Tyga, who recently bought Kylie Jenner a $320,000 Ferrari for her 18th birthday, was also forced to pay $80,000 in backpay to a different landlord earlier this summer.

[Page Six]

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UH-OH. Boring, pretty people Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are fighting because of all the stress caused by Tom’s football career! ‘There have been a lot of stresses in their marriage in the last year, especially during football season,” a source says. “...Tom is singularly focused on his career and sometimes Gisele feels left out. There have been arguments.”

Just imagine Gisele screaming “I DON’T WANT YOUR LIIIIFE” over and over again. [The Daily Mail]




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I am sexually ‘fluid’ but I don’t like the word ‘fluid’. Is there another way to say this? can we make up another term? Must people keep saying ‘fluid’? Its as bad as ‘moist’. I say I am ‘sexually genderblind’, so I don’t have to say ‘fluid’.