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Two Women Lead Their Stalker Directly to Police Station

Illustration for article titled Two Women Lead Their Stalker Directly to Police Station

Jason Joseph Seeburger of Sunrise, Florida was arrested last Sunday after stalking two women and following them directly to the neighborhood police department.


One of the women first noticed Seeburger when he pulled up to her front lawn in a gray Saturn and attempted to get her attention by staring and waving at her. The woman did not approach the car and was picked up by a friend several minutes later, while Seeburger was still outside.

Seeburger then followed the women and repeatedly attempted to wave them down. The Sun Sentinel reports:

He again followed the women, who led him straight to the Sunrise police headquarters, 10440 W. Oakland Park Blvd., the report said. Seeburger backed into a parking spot and continued watching the women as they walked inside the police station.

The women told police a man had been following them for about 20 minutes and gave them a picture of the car's license plate, the report said. An officer ran the tags and found out Seeburger lives in Sunrise. As the officer headed toward Seeburger's home, he spotted the gray Saturn and pulled it over.

When Seeburger stepped out of the car, his zipper and belt were undone, the report said. With Seeburger's permission, officers searched the car and found 3 grams of marijuana and a grinder.


During his arrest, Seeburger reportedly threatened police officers, saying, "I can't wait till I get out of jail. I'll be waiting with my AR-15. I'm going to fuck you up."

He is currently in jail on $20,000 bond and faces one count of possession of corruption by threatening a public servant, marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as two counts of stalking.

Image via the Broward Sheriff's office

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It's guys like him that give weed possessors a bad name.

I mean, seriously. Who gets high and stalks strangers and threatens police? Go home, smoke your pot, watch tv, and eat something. Sheesh.