Two White Girls Rap About Killing Black Boys and Try to Apologize

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Two teenage white girls from Texas thought it would be a good idea to record themselves rapping a song that contained racist lyrics promoting violence against blacks, Latinos and Asians. The song starts off with one girl spewing the N-word, followed by “I want to kill them now, I want to hang them from a tree.” The offensive, horrible, disgrace of a tune continued with remarks aimed at other POCs, including one weird moment where they tell Asians to “eat some damn fries.” Excuse me?


Those goddamn teenagers.

Letters of apology from the students are posted over at The Daily Kos. One of the students, who is now in her junior year, claims that the recording was made when she was a freshman. The letters go on to say that the rap does not reflect how they really feel and that they’re so not racist.

The student defended herself, saying:

At this time in our lives, racism was not the talk of the country nor had we ever witnessed the true power of social media, twitter was still fresh and we had never heard of anyone getting in trouble for posting anything on social media, it was the beginning of this social era. I was 14 years old and was ignorant to the words coming out of my mouth. As kids, we hear racist jokes all times of the day. It’s what we’re around, it’s the jokes we heard.


These girls are going to have to do more than write two measly apology letters that seem to just put the blame elsewhere instead of taking ownership for their mistake. Not to mention, this was not only a terrible offense to POCs and humans, but an offense to rap, music, other teens, ears and french fries everywhere. Struck by intense second-hand embarrassment while listening to the “rap,” I found myself subconsciously wrapping my hair around my eyes and ears until it looked like Geordi La Forge’s glasses from Star Trek: TNG, but it wasn’t enough to protect me from the cringe.

The student continued:

I have never been so utterly humiliated and ashamed in my entire life, because if you know me, you know you will never meet a human being with as much unconditional love and kindness in their heart as me.


With that totally humble-sounding statement, one can only hope that these girls actually learned a really powerful lesson.

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Oh, they’re not so very racist.

Look, I was an awful teenager. I was an ignorant little puke of a fourteen year old. In all my smoking, truancy, and sneaking out, I never said the N-word. It’s really easy not to spew racial slurs when you don’t want to. I mean, right?