Two People Charged in Horrifying 'Witch' Slaying

Police in Papua New Guinea have charged two people with the murder of Kepari Leniata, a 20-year-old woman, who, late last month was horrifically tortured by a mob and then burned alive atop a trash heap after having been accused of using sorcery against a 6-year-old boy who had recently died in the hospital.

The police had over 40 people in detainment, but had to let all suspects but Janet Ware and Andrew Watea go due to lack of evidence. More arrests are expected to follow.


Hundreds of civilians, including police officers, were witness to Leniata's brutal murder, but national police spokesman Dominic Kakas claims that they were outnumbered and powerless to stop the mob. Regardless, an internal investigation is under way into the police's actions at the scene.

Though suspicion and fear of witchcraft is still common in many parts of rural Papua New Guinea, Lenita's death has been met with outrage by both citizens and government officials across the nation.

2 Charged in Papua New Guinea "Witch" Killing [AP] (Warning: Link contains graphic images.)

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