Two Cops May Be Suspects In Long Island Serial Killings

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Naturally, the New York Post has been a fount of ambigulously-sourced knowledge since the news broke that there are at least two active serial killers on Long Island. Previously, it was reported that the killers may be familiar with police techniques (or watch a lot of CSI), and now "sources familiar with the probe" say two NYPD cops are being considered as suspects.

One was forced out of the job in the '90s for soliciting prostitutes on the job, and another was stripped of his gun and badge last year after he allegedly assaulted a woman working as a prostitute and was arrested during a sting operation. The woman complained to police supervisors about the officer, but charges were never filed and an internal probe went nowhere. He's still on the force, but was transferred to a desk job after the incident. A source explains, "They couldn't prove anything, but they didn't trust him." Yeah, it's really difficult to prove that kind of thing, particularly when you don't file any criminal charges and abandon the investigation.


Two NYPD Cops With History Of Hooker Trouble Being Eyed In LI Serial Killings [N.Y. Post]

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