Twitter's Staff Has Zero Percent Black Women

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Lack of diversity within the tech industry is still a blatant issue, but especially glaring is the scarcity of black women. Using data from a 2014 Equal Employment Opportunity report, the Verge put together a graph last month breaking down the racial diversity of some of tech’s biggest companies, such as Google, Facebook. Apple and Twitter.


As reported by Complex, the Verge’s graph showed Amazon at the most with 7 percent. Apple was at 3 percent while Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Intel each had one percent. Then there was Twitter, down at the bottom with an alarming zero percent. While that doesn’t mean there were absolutely no black women on staff, they had a total of only 14—out of 3000 employees. Once you factor black men in, it goes up to 2 percent.

What’s Black Twitter got to say about this?

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If this gets crossed posted to giz you can expect a flurry of comments lamenting diversity hires and affirmative action while spewing nonsense about meritocracies. There is a contingency of people who see nothing wrong with tech’s cartoonish lack of diversity. They either can’t or won’t see how societal prejudice causes it and prejudice within the industry itself exacerbates it.