Twitter Will Offer Employees 20 Weeks Paid Family Leave

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On May 1, Twitter will start offering both male and female employees 20 weeks paid parental leave. As with Etsy, Netflix and Facebook, the company seems to have realized that people who feel like their home life is in balance tend to do better at work.


Jeffrey Siminoff, Twitter’s newly-appointed VP of inclusion and diversity according to Fortune, said this change aims “to expands how we think about parental leave” because “primary caregiving is something that’s hard to define.” Put another way, both parents should be able to spend time taking care of their newborn together as a team—for both of their sakes, and the newborn’s, too.

Twitter’s announcement comes as San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors mulls over a new law requiring private companies to offer their employees six weeks of paid parental leave, according to Reuters. City employees are already eligible for 12 weeks of paid parental leave.

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

20 weeks is 140 days. Boy they are really attached to that number!