Twitter Has Enough Time On Its Hands to Suspend a User for Tweeting 'I'd Fuck That Tiger'

Don’t tweet about wanting to “fuck a tiger”—specifically, Tony—unless you want your account to be suspended. This is a severe issue for Twitter.


On August 7, the verified Tony the Tiger account, which he presumably operates himself, tweeted the above gif of a pitcher of milk being sensually poured into a bowl of Frosted Flakes. Twitter user Alex Boivin had no choice but to respond to the tweet with: “I’d fuck that tiger.” Boivin thought it was a funny joke, he says, but Twitter didn’t laugh and suspended his account for a week.

“Just the idea of sexualizing this corporate cereal mascot struck me as a suitably bizarre thing to share with the sort of people who like to interact with promoted tweets from multi-billion-dollar food processing conglomerates,” Boivin told BuzzFeed.


Among the few points to note about this story is how long it took Twitter to notice Boivin’s reply—roughly two weeks. Also of note is the history of sexual harassment involving Tony the Tiger on social media. There’s apparently something about him that gets people randy. Via BuzzFeed:

The whole thing is especially strange because the replies to Tony the Tiger’s tweets are typically really sexually explicit.

Most people might not be aware that there’s a popular meme where people sexually harass Tony the Tiger.

In January 2016, the sexual harassment of Tony the Tiger got so bad, members of the Kellog’s social media team mass-blocked a bunch of furries.

Yes, I hear you, you’re right—in lieu of focusing attention on tiger-fucking, it does seem like there are more offensive accounts Twitter could be concerned about, like racism and sexual harassment against women.

Boivin says, “America has this back-ass-wards Calvinist streak where calling for the expulsion and genocide of non-white races is just a difference of opinion. But making a sex joke at a corporate mascot who paid money to advertise to you is cause for censure.”


Can’t get anything past the watchdogs at Twitter...

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sorry alex, twitter just wasn’t feline you.