Twitter Founder Serves All Male Intern Staff Sandwiches With the Crusts Cut Off

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After cofounding Twitter, web entrepreneur Jack Dorsey got busy building Square, the web company of the future. Square will allow mobile devices to accept credit and debit card payments. It will also feature an entirely male staff of interns, and all of the interns will eat sandwiches with the crusts cut off and chocolate cupcakes for dessert and it will be the No Girls Allowed club of every boy's childhood dreams. Like a treehouse for future tech millionaires!


Dorsey tweeted a picture of Square's intern staff earlier today, and the reception was, er, mixed. Anil Dash called Dorsey out on it right away, and Dorsey affirmed that, there were no female interns "in this batch" but that he'd love to find some. Dash suggested that Dorsey best keep his nose clean because not having any female interns at a tech company in the year 2012 is kind of a big deal, and, to his credit, Dorsey said he'd look into it. Right after he and his bros eats their crustless sandwiches.

Anyway, later tonight they're going to stay up PAST THEIR BEDTIME playing video games and watching karate movies and eating pizza and Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Best club ever.



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OMG! Ponies!

Well maybe if you girls - I mean "ladies" - weren't so busy playing with Barbies and hating math and science and being bad drivers and stopped slutting it up with your abortions and birth control, you could get a job in tech.