Screengrab via YouTube

You may have seen the footage of white supremacist helmsman Richard Spencer getting punched in the head. Perhaps you have even watched the video multiple times, taking solace in that fleeting, blissful moment of justice—Jezebel does not endorse violence of any kind—in the midst of so much panic and sorrow. If so, you won’t be surprised to learn that folks on the internet are rejoicing in this douchebag’s public humiliation.

The incident has even become something of a meme. Many saw the opportunity for artistic expression and so set The Spencer Punch to music. For instance, here is Biggy Smalls providing a soundtrack from beyond the grave:

And here is a Public Enemy remix.

A new Twitter account has even been created: @PunchedToMusic. And yes, the content is precisely what you would expect.

Screengrab via Twitter

As Pitchfork observed, Killer Mike was delighted by one version set to Run the Jewels’ “Blockbuster Night Part 1.”

He also had little patience for those who criticized his response to the video.

Comedian Sarah Silverman condemned the blasé reactions to the attack, but was quickly met with vehement protests. Here, Adam H. Johnson emphasizes the infantilization of white men versus the demonizing of black teenagers as violent adults.

Others suggested that, given his ideology, any sympathy for Spencer’s soon-to-be swollen mug was deeply misplaced.

And then there were those who, like Killer Mike, regarded the event with sheer pleasure.

Now, as I said before, I would never suggest that you watch this video of Spencer getting righteously clocked as a source of amusement. It would be crass, would it not, to revel in the pain and broiling embarrassment of a racist, xenophobic, misogynist nitwit. But I’m not the boss of you! So, with that in mind, proceed as you will.