Twitter, a Poison Paradise, Wants to Know Exactly How Toxic the Site Is

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Twitter announced on Thursday that they are looking to partner with outside experts to figure out how healthy the platform is. Because, frankly, a site like Twitter should wear a warning.


It’s a dangerous site and I think it’s safe to say that many are frequently falling for tweeting. There’s really no escape once you get your account started. In a statement, Twitter wrote that their health will be “built and measured by how we help encourage more healthy debate, conversations, and critical thinking; conversely, abuse, spam and manipulation will detract from it.” And they’re actively looking for people to help them measure Twitter’s health, so applicants looking to take a sip from the site’s devil’s cup can apply to receive data access and funding.

“We don’t have all of the answers and cannot do this alone, but know that the outcome will be stronger when we look to experts around the world for counsel and support,” Twitter writes.

Which is crazy because, doesn’t Twitter know that they’re toxic, with all the Nazis, abuse, and right-wing Russian bots, just to name a few problems? And despite that, we love what they do. One tweet and you’re on a ride. Suddenly, you’re 25,000 tweets deep, with several parody accounts to your name that you don’t even remember creating, and you can’t come down. I think as much as Twitter wants to make their platform a safer, healthier space, they know we’re addicted to their poison paradise.



Honestly, I don’t understand Twitter. I have accounts, both personal and professional, but unless you’re a company or politician making announcements, or you really (really) like beefing with people you don’t know all day long, I don’t see the point. Certainly from a professional point of view, Twitter generates virtually no traffic on our website (and I know from talking to webmasters that we’re hardly alone) so I don’t waste my time anymore.