Twins With $98K of Plastic Surgery Share a Boyfriend

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The new issue of In Touch doesn't just reveal new names on Lindsay Lohan's fuck list. It also introduces us to Lucy and Anna DeCinque, Australian 28-year-olds who have spent $98,000 on plastic surgery.


According to the mag, Lucy and Anna have the same size implants, lip fillers and tattooed eyebrows, but also keep an identical diet and think it's "fun" that people can't tell them apart. They dress alike, shop together, work the same shifts at a senior center (!), eat together and sleep in the same double bed.

Then there's the possible twincest.

See, the ladies have a boyfriend, and they share him, too.

Anna and Lucy have been dating electrician Ben Byrne, 30, for a year, but admit they aren't thinking about marriage or kids just yet. "Right now we're just sharing him," Anna explains. And whether they're out to dinner or enjoying a romantic walk, neither twin ever spends one-on-one time wth Ben, Lucy says, adding that the same goes for the bedroom: 'It's not weird to us!"


No further questions, your honor.

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