Twilight's Stephenie Meyer Admits Her Writing Sorta Sucks

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Twilight's Stephenie Meyer is profiled in the March issue of Vogue, and she reveals something very interesting:

Well, most of the things Meyer reveals are about as exciting as non-blood-sucking vamps: She likes to drive, she likes Greek salad. She is a self-described "hermit" who doesn't even go to the movies: "We bought The Dark Knight when it came out, and I know we will watch it someday," she says.

Meyer is not even really that into vampires, which is maybe why Edward Cullen never bites anything and doesn't even seem to have fangs. She tells Vogue she's a Batman girl: "I like that he's not so clean-cut, that he has a dark side, that he's doing things that are not clearly legal or illegal."

But! Meyer does seem to know her limitations. She studied literature in college but avoided creative writing, out of fear of criticism. (Of Breaking Dawn, our own Anna North said, "Basically these mythical creatures live in a very safe, heteronormative world - and a boring one. If I had an eternity to read, I still might never pick up this book again.") And Meyer seems to know that her writing is not all it could be: "I'm not a professional yet," she says. "I'm still just an amateur." An amateur who has sold 28 million copies of her sparkly vampire story.


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I thought her Twilight series was okay but I dislike it now that I have absorbed it and the freaky controlling relationship that it portrays.

I did like her book 'The Host.' I have only read it once so that might change, but I thought it was much better than the vampires.

I think you read a book because the writing is great or the story is great. Only rarely are you lucky enough to find both. I like Harry Potter well enough but I don't think Rowling's writing abilities are that great either. Nor has she conceived of anything overly original. That doesn't mean it can't be a pleasant way to pass the time.