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Twilight's Bella Is the Damsel in Distress Over and Over and Over Again

Illustration for article titled emTwilight/ems Bella Is the Damsel in Distress Over and Over and Over Again

"I feel very protective of you," Edward says, and it's supposed to be romantic, but when you watch this supercut — of various Twilight characters trying to keep poor old defenseless Bella safe and alive — you realize what a passive, feeble, snoozeville heroine she is for most of the series. The final installment comes out next week, and Thank Jacob this shit is almost over forever.



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Etienne Charles

Some of these comments on here about Bella are pretty harsh. I think the abusive relationship between Bella and Edward isn't right. Putting that aside, not all women are going to be super independent and be able to have amazing fighting skills and such. I think it is unrealistic to expect every fictional character in a scifi/fantasy novel to have those skill sets. Some women are meek or not very confident in themselves, or suffer from depression, and putting "weak" women in these storylines can represent reality. And not every woman in every story has to be made out to be a role model for teenagers, even if the book is geared towards them. I realize that this book got a lot of attention because a lot of young girls latched on to this trilogy. And the relationship Bella is in is very unhealthy. But not everything has to be a feminist ideal all the time.