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Melissa Rosenberg, who wrote the first three Twilight movies — and is working on the fourth and fifth — feels slightly sensitive about the fact that critics trash the films, especially since she previously wrote for well-loved show Dexter.


She says of the vampire flicks: "Is it high art? No. But it's not trying to be." Unfortunately, trashing the movies gets to her, she tells the Wall Street Journal. "It sinks in a lot more than the praise. It speaks to the inner demons that say I'm a hack anyway. I have to not listen to it."

The way Rosenberg deals wit the haters is actually great advice for anyone:

"The key to success," she said, "is delusional optimism. Some people call it resilience. You're lying there bleeding on the ground and you basically have to say, 'Maybe tomorrow will be better.'"


And! Since the sparklevamp movies break box-office records, when Rosenberg feels like weeping, she can cry all the way to the bank.

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