Tweeting From Her Home in the Sewers, Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls for Kamala Harris Presidency

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QAnon conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted on Thursday that she has filed articles of impeachment against President Biden. That’s it. That’s all she tweeted from what appears to be a basement or sewer. Just that information topped off with a “we’ll see how this goes.”


Her announcement and reasoning might be described using the same phrase: Not much going on here. According to Greene herself, the reason President Biden should be removed from office, not even a full day after getting into the big chair, is because of his “abuse of power” while he was Vice President. The abuse Greene is referring to is the former Vice President’s alleged withholding of foreign aid to protect his son, Hunter, who was allegedly embroiled in some sort of scandal with Ukraine.

These accusations against the president and his son have been found false multiple times, but alas, here is Greene just seeing what happens. Good luck getting this off the ground, wench. [Twitter]

America’s first Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff, wrote a very good tweet acknowledging the history of second spouses that came before him, proving possibly once and for all that the “not all men” argument might hold some water. It’s still early though.

  • Nancy Pelosi has not forgotten about impeachment and wants everyone to know that she is ready to begin proceedings any day now. [Politico]
  • The Lincoln Project has found its new target in Ted Cruz. [The Hill]
  • Speaking of Ted Cruz, you know who else has time for him today? Greta Thunberg. [The Hill]
  • A different man named Doug may not be long for this earth. [Twitter]
  • President Biden has removed a button from the desk in the Oval Office that summoned a butler to bring Diet Coke. He should immediately replace it with a Dr. Pepper button. [Twitter]
  • The Biden administration believes the covid death toll may reach 500,000 by next month. [Washington Post]
  • The 1776 Report is no more. [HuffPost]
  • Has anyone ever seen Dr. Fauci this happy? [Twitter]
  • Bernie Sanders wants everyone to know that Vermont has very good outerwear. [Twitter]



I’m always so torn on Marjorie Taylor Greene as she is a sitting Congressperson who is obviously committed to being a cancer on democracy while spreading insane lies and fueling dangerous conspiracy theories. Yet at the same time she is such a caricature of a right wing politician that I just keep laughing at all her attempts to be ultra serious, you guys. I’m not being dismissive of her harm, it’s just that she is so stupid while thinking she’s so important. For example, when challenged on her previous claims that 9/11 was faked, she called the people who she had previously referred to as communists as supporting ‘the global neocon nation building wars’. Like after that I would feel like giving her a cookie or something.

However, the most infuriating thing she has posted, and this is going to be so petty and meaningless, was the complaint a few months back about the tyrannical municipal goverment shutting down all the gyms in Washington DC.

So three things abotu that message. First of all, gyms were actually open in Washington DC at that time. Second, she decided to complain about this by showing how you can get a full workout safely privately in your own room. Third, and this is the small thing that drives me so nuts with this, those are honestly some of the worst fucking burpees I have ever seen. Like to the degree that her CrossFit gym should be still asking her to remove this tweet as this is really bad PR to what they are instructing there. What makes it so bad is that she obviously feels this is her proving her elite workouts.

The only positive is that if she hasn’t utterly wrecked her back yet, her spine is living on borrowed time.