Two television reporters from Tucson, Arizona have been charged with child abuse after their four-month-old infant tested positive for cocaine.

Somchai Lisaius and Krystin Lisaius face multiple counts—including drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia—after they were arrested for allegedly snorting cocaine in their Oro Valley home last month during a “gathering,” according to local authorities.


The morning after the small party, Mrs. Lisaius noticed that her baby became “limp” and “wabbly” after breastfeeding her; soon after, the infant’s “eyes were rolling,” which prompted the Lisaiuses to seek medical care.

The couple subsequently brought their child to the emergency room, but did not permit staff to take blood samples for testing. It was only after the Office of Child Welfare Investigations and Department of Child Safety became involved that doctors were able to conduct a urinalysis as well as perfunctory blood-work, which in turn tested positive for cocaine use.

Krystin Lisaius then told authorities that she had breastfed the infant 12 hours after she had last snorted cocaine—what she thought was the appropriate waiting time between imbibing and feeding without the baby incurring any negative side effects or complications.


Since the charges, Somchai Lisaius has been fired from his job as a crime reporter on KOLD-TV; there is no news as of yet whether his wife will face similar (and the least of very many) consequences from her job as a reporter at KGUN.

The couple pleaded “not guilty” to all charges.

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