TV Academy Hails Anthony Bourdain With 6 Posthumous Emmys

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown won six Emmys on Sunday night, including two posthumous wins for Bourdain himself. He was awarded one for best informational series and the other for writing for non-fiction program–long due to his words, which were personal and heartfelt yet always in service of helping his audience better understand people different from ourselves.


Bourdain had previously won four Emmys, including one for best informational series, but eight nominations for best non-fiction writing had never produced a win.

Via Deadline, executive producer Christopher Collins quoted Bourdain as he accepted the award for Best Informational Series or Special. Bourdain had asked, “Is it possible to feel enriched and hollowed out at the same time?” Collins replied that we feel that now.


The five-episode final season of Parts Unknown will premiere on CNN on September 23rd.

Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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He’s still the only “celebrity” death that has ever affected me. I think we’ll be in dire need of smart, sardonic individuals who can both relate to us yet call us on our shit without the faintest sense of guilt. He was a refreshing breathe of air in an atmosphere saturated with the chattering class, sycophants and celebutantes (from politics to food, its all the same).

I think alot of us will be trying to understand why so many of these folks are committing suicide at the moment.