Turns Out You Shouldn't Play Horror Movie Trailers Before a Peppa Pig Movie

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Peppa Pig, noted gangster and reported sexist, has a new movie coming out next month called Peppa Pig: A Festival of Fun. But what children got when they went to see the film recently in Ipswich, England, was a festival of terror.

The Guardian reports that children and parents were subjected to horror movie trailers before the Peppa Pig movie, including trailers for the movie Brightburn and Ma. Curse words, dead bodies, and occult imagery featured throughout, you know, all suitable things for your average tot.

Naturally, kids were terrified. “There were lots of kids crying and [my daughter] was very confused and started crying, too,” one mother said. The cinema has apologized for the incident and is investigating how the wrong trailers opened the movie.


This little pig just can’t resist a controversy, can she?

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I used to be a projectionist when the cinemas still used 35mm reals and this happened to us as well. It was usually because of an error when un-mounting the movie. It’s quite easy to tag the wrong trailer with the tag of a different one or to miss the cut-off between 2 trailer and roll both together.

As for digital movies, I have no clue how they could screwed that up.