Turns Out Bernie Sanders Is Actually Larry David's 'Third Cousin, or Something'

Screenshot: Youtube
Screenshot: Youtube

These New York City subway advertisements for MyHeritageDna have made me somewhat wary of “hidden ancestry” stories, but then again if I listened to every subway ad I’d be a narc who got annual breast augmentations and ordered Seamless out of my locally-sourced co-working space (the back of an Uber). Anyway, this story is exceptional.


During an interview on Wednesday at the Television Critics Association press tour to promote Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 (yes, please), Larry David revealed that he’d recently done one of those PBS Find Your Roots appearances and discovered that he’s actually related to Senator Bernie Sanders, who of course he famously portrayed in his Emmy-nominated SNL stint during the presidential primaries.

“He’s in the line,” said David, “like a third cousin, or something…I was very happy about that. I figured there was some connection.” David added, “I love Bernie, yes, I love Bernie.”

I am very excited to learn what Sanders has to say about all of this. I’m sure he will tell us as soon as he finishes drying his one pair of underwear on a makeshift clothesline that hangs in front of a rotating fan.

[Us Weekly]

The estranged wife of Jeremy Meeks, aka “the hot convict,” shared an Instagram post in which she indicates she’s been struggling with her husband’s infidelity (it was previously reported that Melissa Meeks walked in on Jeremy making out with another woman).


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  • The character who plays the baker in Game of Thrones is opening a for-real London bakery called You Know Nothing, John Dough, thus living out all my dreams. [Page Six]
  • In a recent interview, Lamar Odom described his struggle to get clean: “I shook hands with death.” [Washington Post]
  • Everyone I see Bella Thorne in a picture with is her boyfriend. Glad that’s settled. [E! News]
  • Hulu just announced a second season of Harlots. [Deadline]
  • Guillermina Muñiz, the mother of Marc Anthony, passed away. [Page Six]
  • Rod Stewart funded a trip for children with disabilities to travel with their parents to DC to protest Medicaid cuts. Now maybe another celeb would like to pitch in to pay those kids’ medical bills, if it comes to that. Or run for president cause, you know, any of them can do that now. [People]

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Cherith Cutestory

Honestly I’d sooner eat at a place called Hot Pie! than You Know Nothing Jon Dough.

Even if I knew nothing about the show that would really appeal to me.

He’s really overthinking this one.