Tupac Malik Shakur Needs His Unemployment Check

Not him.
Not him.
Image: via AP

Trying to get Trump Bucks and/or apply for unemployment is turning into a Kafka-esque bureaucratic nightmare. I can only imagine this is extra difficult if your name happens to be Tupac Shakur and your governor thinks you’re dead.

Such is the fate befalling one Tupac Malik Shakur, who happens to have the same first and last name as the long-dead rapper. According to the Lexington Herald-Reader, Shakur applied for unemployment benefits in Kentucky after he lost his job as a cook in March. But because of his name, officials believed the application was fake. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said as much during a press conference on Monday night.

“We had somebody apply for unemployment for Tupac Shakur here in Kentucky,” he said. “And that person may have thought they were being funny, they probably did. Except for the fact that because of them, we had to go through so many other claims.”


The still-living Shakur, 46, wasn’t in fact joking and needs his money. “I’ve been struggling for like the last month trying to figure out how to pay the bills,” Shakur said. He’s not happy with the governor:

“I’m hurt, I’m really embarrassed and I’m shocked,” Shakur said. “He needs to apologize. That’s just my name.”

Beshear did, thankfully, call Shakur to apologize, which Shakur said he appreciated. Still, somebody needs to get him his unemployment check.


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Do I need a nickname?

It might be worth noting this guy legally changed his name to Tupac Shakur shortly after the more famous Tupac was murdered. It’s not like this has been his name his entire life and he surely has to expect some questions or odd looks when he introduces himself.

The governor absolutely should have done a better job vetting whether it was a false application before trying to name and shame in a daily address though. Overall, Beshear has been a model political leader during the pandemic, unlike the more federal representatives from Kentucky. Hell, the State Congress is busy trying to pass voter restriction (succeeded) and abortion laws (still in process) during this instead of focusing on shit that would help the populace.