Tumblr has deleted "Predditors" after someone reported the blog β€” which, as we reported yesterday, "outed" CreepShots posters, much to their chagrin β€” to its support team.

In the meantime, a new CreepShots subbreddit has popped up under the name CreepSquad, so that Redditors can continue to take photos of girls and women without their consent. "Please bare [Sic? Pun?] with us while we slowly try to rebuild this community into the force that we were before," the mods explain. Here's a list of other subreddits trying to fill CreepShots's shoes.



Tumblr has reinstated Predditors. Here's their statement, care of Betabeat's Jessica Roy:

This blog was mistakenly suspended under the impression that it was revealing private, rather than publicly-available, information. We are restoring the blog.