Meet Demi Lovato’s twin sister Poot Lovato. Hello, Poot.

Fooled you? That’s not Poot Lovato. That’s Demi Lovato... or so it seems. Life’s been confusing ever since a Tumblr user posted this confusing photo of Demi Lovato in super bright lighting with the caption:

Demi’s twin sister. She was locked in a basement her whole life. This picture was taken the first time she went outside. Her name is Poot.


The post was deleted, but not before becoming a full-on conspiracy theory about Demi having a secret twin. There’s even a (fake?) origin story (via Wattpad) about Poot speaking her first words:

One beautiful fall afternoon, while the twins were playing in their room, dad came in and Poot stared at him. Then, she started stuttering: “D... d...”

“Hurry, come here love! Poot is about to say her first words,” dad screamed as his wife rushed into the room.

You want to believe it, don’t you?

Whatever the case, the Twitter version of Poot is much more vulgar than her famous twin, and therein lies the difference.



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