TSA Screeners Leave Passenger A Nice Note About Her Vibrator

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When blogger Jill Filipovic unpacked after her most recent trip, she noticed that TSA screeners had found her vibrator. And they'd left her the above note.

Filipovic told BoingBoing that she'd been traveling with a "Silver Bullet" vibrator from Babeland. Screeners apparently discovered it and decided to add a helpful comment. Filipovic's reaction, which she posted on Feministe:

Total violation of privacy, wildly inappropriate and clearly not ok, but I also just died laughing in my hotel room.


It's nice that Filipovic has a sense of humor about this, but she's right that the note is not okay — especially for an organization that's already come under fire for its invasive search practices. Given that "groping" leaps to many people's minds the minute the TSA is mentioned, it might behoove agents to exercise a little discretion when going through people's stuff. At least agents didn't take the vibe, but Filipovic says "I'm unsure if they handled it. Given that uncertainty, it's definitely being retired." Wise move — but it's pretty sad that an agency that's supposed to keep us safe from terror is instead forcing people to throw out their sex toys.

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She threw out a perfectly good vibrator because someone might have touched it? I'm sorry, but this is taking germophobia to a whole new level. If you don't know if someone touched it, CLEAN IT. Don't throw it away. That's just dumb.