Trying to Cry Looking at New Photos From This Is Us

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While casually browsing online for strobe lights for my apartment and exotic poisonous snakes that I can prank mail to my enemies, as I often do, I noticed this E! News tweet:



Two things I do not particularly like are This Is Us, an NBC melodrama about people who are simply themselves (and also death and familial grief, okay) as well as crying.

So, challenge accepted.

I decided to click on the E! News link. I was instructed to “grab my tissues.” I had no tissues near me, but I was wearing a large t-shirt and I figured that would suffice if, for some reason, I managed to cry looking at still photographs of a television show while at work among my intelligent colleagues.

The post began with a photo of stars Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) sitting in a parked car in what looks like the rain.

Didn’t cry.

I clicked through to the slideshow. There was a photo of Rebecca in a cute beret, then a close-up of Jack, who we know now died by (spoiler) crockpot, or at least a fire started by one.


No tears.

Then a photo of Beth (Susan Watson) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown), then a photo of the character Deja, then Annie, then Tess. Then Kate (Chrissy Metz) underneath a birthday banner, then a photo of Kevin (Justin Hartley) taking a call.


I did think maybe a tear was coming at this point, but it was simply the sensation of my eyes glossing over ever so slightly as a result of staring at a MacBook Air all day. No tears.

Okay. Kevin on a set. Jack again. I click once more, and then I am back to the beginning car photo.


Maybe I would have cried if I knew the characters’ stories to a fuller extent. Perhaps I am dehydrated. Alas, I did not cry looking at these new photos from #ThisIsUs.

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I like the show but I don’t like the marketing of the show. It’s just so annoyingly over the top. These are STILL PHOTOS of characters. Who is gonna cry looking at that?

You want me to cry? Show me a photo of Prince while reminding me he’s gone. That’s a cry worthy still.