Trump's New Campaign Manager Didn't Want His Kids 'to Go to School With Jews,' His Ex-Wife Claims

Image via AP
Image via AP

Donald Trump’s new campaign manager isn’t just an accused domestic abuser who once registered to vote using an empty house as his address—he also doesn’t like pregnant women or Jews, sources say.


Stephen K. Bannon, who was ostensibly brought on from Breitbart News to steer the Trump campaign out of batshit crazy territory, brings with him a whole new set of baggage that makes Trump’s former chief Corey Lewandowski—who grabbed a female reporter so hard he left a bruise and then lied about it—look nice and fun by comparison.

For example, Bannon’s wife said in court filings, he’s very concerned about shielding his children from the horned descendents of Judea.

“He said that he doesn’t like Jews and that he doesn’t like the way they raise their kids to be ‘whiny brats’ and that he didn’t want the girls to go to school with Jews,” Bannon’s ex-wife, Mary Louise Piccard, claimed in court fillings obtained by BuzzFeed.

“During a joint visit to see Westland School and Willows Community School, (Bannon) asked the director why there were so many Chanukah books in the library. After we saw Willows he asked me if it bothered me that the school used to be a Temple. I said no and asked why he asked…he did not respond,” Piccard said.

Oy vey. But surely there’s a positive spin to this—in his own racist way, he cares about the children! But not when they’re inside the wombs of his employees. The New York Post reports Bannon fired a pregnant employee suffering from multiple sclerosis “while she was on a protected Family and Medical Leave Act maternity leave, even though she had been forced to continue performing her job responsibilities from home throughout her maternity leave,” according to a 2005 federal lawsuit.


Bannon ultimately settled with the woman; it would seem Trump did too.

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Maybe the “extreme vetting” should be applied to his own campaign staff rather than refugees...