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Trump's Ex-wife Ivana Wants to Be Ambassador to the Czech Republic

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Donald Trump’s first ex-wife, Ivana, gave an interview to the New York Post on Sunday, and it sounds precisely like the musings of an out-of-touch rich person, to be quite frank.

The article leads with Ivana planning to suggest to the new administration that she be made ambassador to the Czech Republic, where she was born, and where, apparently, she’s recognizable by her first name alone, like Angelina.

But I’m not here to hate on Ivana—the Trump administration could, and has already begun to, do much worse. (Dr. Ben Carson is being considered for both Health and Human Services and Education Secretary, based, I guess, solely on irony.)


Rather, I mostly like this interview because Ivana makes some inadvertently damning remarks about her ex-husband and speaks about the White House as if it were a second (well, tenth) home she would never deign to visit.

A selection of quotes:

“[Trump] only sleeps three hours a night.”

“To be perfectly honest, I think probably the Trump Tower and my town house in New York is much better than the White House.”

“I don’t have envy for Melania [because she has] to start to pack the clothes.”

“Donald is like a good French wine. He does’t like to be moved and traveled.”

He is also drunk with power and appears fermented.