Trump Will Continue to Tweet as President, Of Course

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In an unfortunate turn of events for democracy, global stability, and the many individuals he has blocked, Donald Trump will continue to tweet as president, according to incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer.


In an interview with Rhode Island news station WRPI, transcribed by Politico, Spicer said that Trump’s use of Twitter will be “really exciting,” and will be “something that’s never been seen before.” Sean certainly hit the nail on the head there—the U.S. hasn’t declared war via social media yet! And it will be exciting, just like death is exciting, in its own way.

Over the past few days, Trump, whom Spicer is apparently eager to characterize as a kind of large, orange Silicon Valley-style disrupter, has used Twitter to encourage a nuclear arms race, insult the hypothetical “A-list celebrities” he claims are trying to get inauguration tickets, threaten the United Nations, claim the United Nations is “just a club for people to talk, get together and have a good time,” take credit for the current U.S. economy, quote Vladimir Putin, and share a Christmas greeting featuring a Getty photo of himself pumping a tiny fist.

“He can put his thoughts out and hear what [his followers are] thinking in a way that no one’s ever been able to do before,” Spicer said. And quickly arouse a large, salivating mob against just about anybody, Politico notes, particularly in order to keep his own craven, fearful party in line:

Congressional Republicans are already wary of Trump’s tweets being directed their way, apprehension that could spur them into action on his legislative agenda after years of stagnation with a Democratic president.

“I don’t think people are used to having a president that can reach into their districts the way that I think Donald Trump can,” Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole told CNN on Tuesday. “I mean, he’s very popular with the Republican base. And a guy that can sit there and tweet out of the White House and generate several thousand calls to your office is somebody you ought to take pretty seriously, because I suspect he’s gonna be very serious about pushing his agenda.”

What a wild ride this will be!

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