Trump to Mount Framed Photo of His Inauguration Crowd to Show Press How Huge and Throbbing It Was 


We have firmly entered Day 4 of the great Trump Inauguration Crowd Size Debacle of 2017, and no, Dear Leader is not done bringing it up and owning himself over and over and over again.

Earlier today, Trump tweeted the following:

As Politico notes, the upper/lower press hall is the area of the West Wing in which communications staff work, and it’s accessible to reporters, so they can see how historically powerful and gigantic it definitely was. It was so huge, in fact, that it wouldn’t fit in a normal-sized frame—it had to use a XL frame which not many photographs are big enough to fill. Politico also notes that the date listed on the print was not the day of the inauguration, but was in fact the date of the Women’s March.

Thank you Abbas!

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