Trump Supporter Charged With Hate Crime for Allegedly Assaulting Two Muslim Women Pushing Strollers in Brooklyn

On Thursday, a 32-year-old woman, Emirjeta Xhelili, attacked two Muslim women, ages 23 and 24 years old, both wearing hijabs as they walked their babies in strollers through Bath Beach, Brooklyn. Prosecutors told the New York Daily News on Friday that Xhelili punched the women in their faces and tried to pull off their hijabs.


Prosecutors also said that Xhelili tried to tip over one of the strollers containing a 15-month-old baby, and that she yelled at the women to, “Get the fuck out of America, bitches.”

Authorities arrested Xhelili on Thursday and charged her with misdemeanor assault as a hate crime.

Xhelili’s social media presence indicates that she is an Islamophobic Trump supporter.

The New York Post reported that the day before the assault, Xhelili wrote on her Facebook account (display name “Mary Magadalene”), “From this moment on, every woman that waers (sic) the jihab/hijab will go to hell!! I cant stand you f—ing hypocrites. You have been warned.”

A recent tweet of hers reads: “America is the ark of Noah. Trump’s gonna win.”

According the NYDN, Xhelili works at a kosher Italian restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and has no prior record.

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Oh — Emirjeta Xhelili? Of the Mayflower Xhelilis?