Trump Signs Executive Order Banning Federal Contractors From Providing Diversity Trainings

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On Tuesday, Donald Trump announced that he signed an executive order prohibiting government contractors and grantees from providing racial sensitivity and diversity training to employees. In it, the President claims he is taking action to combat “harmful and offensive race and sex stereotyping and scapegoating.”


The Daily Beast reports that Trump announced the new executive order in a series of tweets, because of course he did.

“A few weeks ago, I BANNED efforts to indoctrinate government employees with divisive and harmful sex and race-based ideologies. Today, I’ve expanded that ban to people and companies that do business... with our Country, the United States Military, Government Contractors, and Grantees. Americans should be taught to take PRIDE in our Great Country, and if you don’t, there’s nothing in it for you!”

This executive order is similar to the one that Trump signed earlier in September which directed federal government agencies to cancel or divert funds away from any contracts for training sessions that mentioned “white privilege” or “critical race theory.” Tuesday’s executive order comes less than a week after Trump gave a speech on the importance of “patriotic education” and once again condemned critical race theory, arguing “the crusade against American history is toxic propaganda, ideological poison that, if not removed, will dissolve the civic bonds that tie us together.” Well, if the civic bonds are really that weak....

The executive order Trump signed on Tuesday also referenced the military, arguing that actually racial sensitivity trainings were a threat to the cohesion of the United States Armed Forces.

“Our Uniformed Services should not teach our heroic men and women in uniform the lie that the country for which they are willing to die is fundamentally racist. Such teachings could directly threaten the cohesion and effectiveness of our Uniformed Services.”

Oh, the country founded on the genocide of Indigenous people and built on the genocide of Black slaves isn’t fundamentally racist? Good to know! I love learning new things.

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What’s next? An EO legalizing lynching?

Are we all crystal clear on what things will be like if this megalomaniac wins in November? If he’s shown us nothing else, it’s that things can always get worse.