Trump Says He Was Just Joking About Hating Women

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Donald Trump can actually be a pretty funny guy. Having a sense of humor is not exclusively the domain of people who are kind, or righteous, or even particularly smart. Trump has been a public figure who makes jokes for years, so he is bound to have a backlog of lines that just didn’t hit.


Here’s a recent RT that shows Trump’s sense of humor via memes:

If we go back a few years, he did tweet some things that don’t exactly make you ROTFLMAO, but you can see he’s working some stuff out.



Maybe he should go to an open mic and insult every woman in the audience for practice?


This is fucked:


If Trump came for K-Stew like that, there is no way this whining, misogynistic, sentient kidney stone that passed through Garfield’s urethra is joking. Which probably means his extended campaign against Fox New’s Megyn Kelly isn’t some jolly prank either.


In recent interviews, Trump has been pushing the “I was joking” defense to explain his long pattern of abusive language towards women online, on TV, or anywhere else he’s given more than five minutes to talk. Right now, he is being given time to talk in Wisconsin, and on Monday in an interview with local news affiliate WLUK he told interviewer Andrew LaCombe that he’s simply in show biz, baby! Trump says:

Well number one, I’m no different than anybody else, and people joke and I joke... And I never knew I was going to be running for office. And you joke, and you kid and say things, but you’re not a politician so you never think anybody cares.

All of a sudden you decide because the country’s doing so badly that you’re going to run for office, and then they take every single thing that you’ve ever said over a lifetime... Much of that I said in jest, much of that I said — although with the Fox debate, I didn’t say that in jest at all. I said that 100% because Megyn Kelly never treated me fairly and everybody knows it. But you say things and I guarantee you I’m no different, if anything I’m far better than the people I’m running against.


“Everybody knows I have an actual insane obsession with Megyn Kelly.” You can watch the full interview here, in which it sounds like Trump is dialing in on a tin can:

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I truly despise people who think that saying “I was joking” or “I didn’t mean it” means that awful thing they said isn’t still a window into their character. It is. If that’s what you think is funny, that says something about you. If your go-to insults of women have to do not with their capabilities or their character, but rather their appearance, that says something about what you value, whether it’s a joke or not.