Donald Trump Retweeted a Video of Himself Whacking Hillary Clinton in the Back of the Head With a Golf Ball

Image via Getty Images.
Image via Getty Images.

Donald Trump retweeted a video of himself whacking Hillary Clinton in the back of the head with a golf ball. 


It is “unusual,” Julie Hirschfeld Davis, New York Times White House correspondent, observed on CNN.

She speculated that weekends at Bedminster are “risky times” because the aides aren’t around [read: to stop him from tweeting]. Perhaps the timing has to do with the fact that Hillary Clinton’s been trashing Trump again in the media around her book promotion calling him a “creep,” a “clear and present danger,” and a reality TV personality who’s in over his head. She’d retweeted a children’s book version of her book It Takes a Village and recommended that Trump read it.

But maybe like all tweets, like the video of him clobbering a man with a “CNN” logo for a head, he just felt like it.

Now off to the United Nations!

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Yeah, sexism didn’t play a role at all. This is disgusting. He’s disgusting.

Another gem is this tweet:

Also thanks for the Sunday posts! In hungover and bored so much appreciated.

ETA: cue all the responses denying sexism.