Trump Mad Immigration Court System Isn't More Fucked Up and Unfair Than It Already Is 


In a surprisingly and wildly out of character turn of events, President Trump is questioning why our immigration court system isn’t even more cruel to undocumented immigrants than it already is.

After Trump’s MS-13 fear mongering session on Wednesday, the president met with Fox and Friends minion Brian Kilmedee for a brief interview. Trump lamented the current state of America’s immigration court system and the “thousands” of judges he imagines work within it.

From CNN:

“Other countries have what’s called security people. People who stand there and say you can’t come in. We have thousands of judges and they need thousands of more judges. The whole system is corrupt. It’s horrible,” Trump told “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade. He didn’t explain what he meant by “corrupt” and Kilmeade didn’t press him about the comment.

According to the Justice Department, there are approximately 350 immigration judges, not thousands.

Trump went on to say in this interview from hell that maybe there should be no courts in the first place:

Trump also questioned the process of immigrants going through the court system at all.
“Whoever heard of a system where you put people through trials? Where do these judges come from?” he said.
The suggestion of eliminating the courts and judges, however, is contrary to the policies currently being carried out by his own administration, and would likely violate the Constitution and international law in addition to federal law. The Justice Department declined to comment on the remarks.

Trump, racist boy king, has described his fantasy to you. Believe him.

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