Trump Left for the Debate Without Informing His Press Pool

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Donald Trump has been spirited away to St. Louis for his highly anticipated town hall debate against Hillary Clinton—but he left his traveling press pool back in New York City. Naturally, the reporters responsible for covering him only discovered their petulant orange charge was gone after campaign manager Kellyanne Conway made a tweet:


But look how much fun they had!

In fact, Trump seems to have shaken loose from his pesky press corps altogether. FREEDOM!


This is not the first time Trump has ditched the press—he also memorably abandoned them when he made the snap decision to travel to Mexico in August. Last month, he mocked journalists for being late to a New Hampshire rally after his campaign failed to properly arrange the pool’s travel.

“I have really good news for you,” he told the crowd assembled for the event. “I just heard the press is stuck on their airplane. They can’t get here. I love it. So they’re trying to get here now. They’re going to be about 30 minutes late. They called us and said could you wait? I said absolutely not. Let’s get going, New Hampshire.”


What a guy.

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