Trump Kicked His Old Biographer Off His Golf Course

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Trump rang in the New Year by taunting his enemies and ridding his West Palm Beach golf course of historians.


On Friday, Harry Hurt III—who authored the 1993 Trump biography Lost Tycoon, which includes accusations that Trump raped his ex-wife Ivana—approached Trump on his golf course to congratulate him on his mad victory. According to an account Hurt posted on Facebook on Saturday, Trump responded to the nicety by criticizing the unflattering book as untrue. When Hurt responded that the book’s contents were “all true,” Trump told him his presence at the club was “inappropriate” and that he should leave. (When Trump uses the word “inappropriate” earnestly do the ends of his hair burn, just a little?)

A transition official, who claims to have observed the interaction, affirmed Hurt’s account to Politico. The Trump camp declined to comment.

Hurt had come to the course in the first place to play in a golf “foursome” with David Koch, GOP donor John Damgard, and someone else. Hurt claimed that he only congratulated Trump, “out of courtesy and respect for the office of the President of the United States.” Damgard told Politico that the Trump biographer wanted to impress his lady friend, whom he’d brought with him to the course.

According to Hurt’s account, Koch was “appalled” by Trump’s remarks, and my favorite part of this whole story, indeed the only part of it I like at all, is that when Hurt was getting ready to call an Uber and let the rest of the players finish their game, Koch reportedly told him, “No, we came as a foursome and we’ll leave as a foursome.”

How is it that so few words can sound like way too much information? A source told Politico that Koch “will continue to golf” and dispense extremely alienating rich-person koans at the Trump Palm Beach course, despite this recent tiff.

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