Trump: If My Daughter Were Harassed At Work, I'd Tell Her to Leave the Job

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Image via Getty

Donald Trump—a sociopathic golem whose mouth puckers like an anus—has clarified his position on Roger Ailes, and on sexual harassment. Ladies, if a man is harassing you at work, the answer is simple: leave your job, perhaps even your career!


As Talking Points Memo reports, Trump initially told NBC’s Chuck Todd that the allegations against Ailes were surely false. In fact, he claimed that the women who have come forward at Fox News have previously spoken highly of the former CEO.

However, when Trump spoke with Kathy Powers from USA Today, he purported to not know that several women have accused Ailes of sexual harassment, not just former anchor Gretchen Carlson. Powers asked how Trump might respond were his daughter Ivanka in the same situation as these women.


His response? It would be her responsibility to leave the job — perhaps even to transition into a different career.

“I would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case,” he said.

Be sure to keep your eye on Trump’s Twitter account — he may provide further commentary later, as he is wont to do.

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Ooh, let me just skip on over to the living-wage job tree and pick another. Because we all have a whole fucking job-tree orchard to harvest from.